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Exot Blue

We are dyers, working primarily in indigo. We’re a small two-man operation—all design and execution are done by R. Nemo Hill and Julio M. Perea in our studio in the Catskill Mountains of New York. As a palette, we use an unusually wide array of all-natural fibers—both knit and woven—including linen, cotton, wool, bamboo, cashmere, and a variety of raw and refined silks. Combining the tools of traditional Shibori in non-traditional ways with other techniques including color resist and an elaborate system of over-dyeing, we create unique wearable art from luxuriously comfortable fabrics that delight both hand and eye.

From time to time you may see items less "wearable" here as well. As a result of our collaboration with Jude Hill of Spirit Cloth, on the Threadcrumbs shop, we have begun to dye components for quilters as well: fragments, elements, puzzle pieces, raw materials, etc. The one common thread is indigo.

Indigo is a unique material which demands a great deal of patience to work with, a patience amply rewarded with a color that is alive to the eye—its blues of an infinite variety and a startling depth. As artists we remain dedicated not only to the mastery of proven methods, but also open to those spontaneous explorations of tool and technique that define the very nature of the creative spirit. In keeping with that spirit, all of our work is one-of-a-kind, each scarf or shawl or patch is an unrepeatable experience. In a world grown increasingly virtual and rubber-stamped, we remain committed to an art that is hands-on and sensually alert to each magic moment of the process.


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